Most of us, while scrolling online, come across fun activities like skydiving and white water rafting that we put on our bucket list. But there is one thing that I believe every person should do at least once in their life, to discover who they really are: going on a solo trip. And here is why:

  1. Solo trips help you discover yourself: Most of us behave differently on a family vacation than we would on a holiday with friends. But what are you like when neither of these groups is around? Who are you really, when you have no particular behavior guideline that you have set for yourself? My solo trip helped me unwind in a way that I wouldn't have imagined- because it let me be myself, with no distractions and no obligations.
  2. You get to meet new people that you wouldn't have, otherwise: Anytime that I would go on a vacation with people that I knew, we would just end up spending our days together. Everything from eating to shopping was done as a group. Since one is alone on a solo trip, there is no automatic companion. What this leads to, is meeting and interacting with new people all the times- some of which may end up being your friends for life. And if not, at least you'll experience what people from other parts of the world are really like. 
  3. Solo trips help you concentrate on where you really are: Sure when you're with people you love you give them your full attention. But if you go to Greece on your honeymoon, that will be more about your partner than it will be about the place. And while that is absolutely perfect because all of us deserve to celebrate our love- there is also another kind of vacation possible- and that is one where you celebrate the place that you're in. This world is a beautiful collection of culture, spaces, people, food, and languages. You can discover all of that so much better if that is your only purpose of visiting.
  4. You pose less and live more: While it's exciting to upload pictures from your latest trip with trending hashtags, there's a kind of liberation in not posing everyone you go. Whenever I went on trips with my family, we would end up posing in front of beautiful views to 'capture’ the moment- while we let it go in real time because someone wanted to stand only on the right side, someone else HAD to have their hair a certain way, and there were ever-willing members to click. But when you go on a trip alone, there's no one automatically there to take pictures of you. That forces you to be in the moment more and if you're fond of photography, actually capture the local life and scenery and taste the food that you're eating while it's still hot. 
  5. You only get one life: Sure, you have a lot of obligations towards the important things in your life- your family, your job, your friends- but what about your obligation towards you? Why does everything that you have to do, including relaxing, HAVE to involve you fulfilling some role? We only get one life, and it's not a sin to take some time from that life for ourselves.
So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us, TrippyBox, and get ready to pack your bags for the Solo trip that you deserve!