Summer Travel Tour Guide.

The time you spend traveling some of the gems of our nation will be the ones you’ll remember forever. Every place is great if you open your heart to it, but the best ones are filled with the richness of culture and heritage. There are a wide variety of the best destinations that are worth spending time with your loved ones. Whether you like the rawness of a village, a place filled with snow, nature with the wilderness or simply a city full of historic heritage, this world has it all. Let’s have a look at the best ones below.

  • Thailand

Best time to visit — The whole year.

Thailand has a densely visual culture, in which aesthetics and beauty blend everything from magnificent temple buildings to humble old school houses and much more which makes this place a highly desirable to visit in summers.

  • Singapore

Best time to visit – February to April.

A trip to Singapore is always a great idea. It stands out to be an ideal place to visit around the year as it has a uniform temperature throughout the year and have various mind-blowing sights to visit, mouth-watering food to eat and thrilling activities to perform.

  • Bali

Best time to visit – April to September.

This island of Indonesia offers an ideal blend of soothing and relaxing vibes. You can visit beautiful ancient temples and enjoy the beauty of breathtaking beaches. Bali has a great accommodation facility to buck up with, book a five-star resort for yourself such as the Four Seasons and relax with a spa treatment.

  • Maldives

Best time to visit — July to August.

The Maldives is considered to be a luxurious place, with the incredible scenic beauty of the Indian ocean. The complementing hues of vivid turquoise water along with sparkling white sand is breathtaking and is an ideal place for those who desire to stay in an overwater bungalow. This is an appealing place for people who desire to relax, rest and indulge with nature. It offers amazing opportunities for exploring underwater restaurants, an underwater spa.

  • Mauritius

Best time to visit – June to July.

Marseilles is a pleasing port city that is considered one of the best places for summer holidays in France. Mauritius has a lush cultural heritage along with 1500 years of history. The best part is that it has pleasant summer weather which makes it an amazing place to visit in summers.

  • Seychelles

Best Time To Visit – April to May, and October to November.

Seychelles has some most pristine beach paradise. It is an alluring archipelago of 115 islands. It has a glittering coastline, gentle white sand beaches and is an ultimate destination for summer holidays.

  • Hong Kong

Best time to visit – March to April and October to November.

The parking skyline, mouth-watering food essence, beautiful historical sites, and a family-accommodating ambiance is the major reasons why people visit Hong Kong. Make sure that you visit the waterfront on the Star Ferry, and Hong Kong Disneyland or Ocean Park amusement park. Along with this, delicious food is served here such as stir-fry, Dim sum, and pineapple buns.

  • Cambodia

Best time to visit – May to October (early).

As the rising sun of summer reflects off the majestic stone temple complex and the encompassing forest, it exhibits all shades of blue and purple. Right from heritage temples to beaches and flawless islands Cambodia bestows it all.


  • Japan

Best time to visit — March to May, and September to October.

The summers in Japan is absolutely breathtaking. There are several hues related to summer in Japan with beautiful landscapes, climate conditions and lush greenery surrounding it. You can even catch up with some of the best festivals in summer.


Above are some of the best destinations as per the preference of places and the best time to visit, there are plenty in India, but these are the most perfect ones.