We all think of traveling as something that is done to relax and get away from our daily schedules. However, other than re-energizing and rejuvenating our souls, traveling helps us become better people in a lot of different ways:

  1. You start acknowledging the wonder of nature: Whether you love sunbathing at the beach or hiking on a snowy mountain, the world has something that feels like home for everyone. From desert safaris to Firefly camps, there's nothing that the naturally rich earth lacks. So no matter what kind of vacation you are in the mood for, you can get find the perfect destination.
  2. Interacting with locals is a very interesting experience: you might end up traveling to a country where no one actually speaks your mother tongue. Interacting with locals who belong to the same world as you but have a completely different context that makes their culture unique is a very enlightening and humbling experience. It reminds you that even though the world is small, it keeps a million stories alive.
  3. You stop caring about the gram: Do you have friends who travel to a foreign country and then keep posting pictures for 3 years because they don't have the budget to vacation anymore till they save up again? Well, traveling ensures that you don't end up like them. When you travel for yourself and not for anyone else, you learn to budget and choose experiences over materialistic things.
  4. The stories are beautiful: One very big aspect of the tourist experience is the rich narratives that are a part of all cultures and countries. No matter where you go in the world, the locals will have some beautiful story attached to every aspect of things that make their culture unique. Moreover, it will make you feel more in touch with your world and those who live in it- and remind you that you're a part of a much larger story that you believe on a daily basis. 
  5. You will contribute to making this world a better place: When you travel, you become a walking representative of your culture. Going to a place is not only about you interacting with that country, but also about that space interacting with you. There are very few things as beautiful as being kind to send stranger that you will never see again, or making an old woman who you have never seen before, laugh. When you travel, you help the people around you get a glimpse of your life back home- and it is through this beautiful exchange of emotions and ideas, that the world becomes a smaller, happier place.




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